Ayla Hibri

Beirut, Lebanon/ (b)1987

Ayla Hibri is a visual multimedia artist currently living between Lebanon and Jordan. For the last decade, Hibri has been in constant travel, shifting environments to maintain a continuum of displacement and discovery. She has collected an expansive archive of visual data on the psychogeography of places and aspects of the human condition. In parallel she paints and draws creatures and worlds far removed from this one, driven by the matter of dreams and active imagination. She has published 2 photography books: A Palm Tree Bows To The Moon (2019) and The Real prince (2015)

Contact: ayla@aylahibri.com

Selected Exhibitions

2019- Shells, Solo exhibition, Amman, Jordan
2019- A Palm Tree Bows To The Moon, Solo exhibition, Beirut, Lebanon
2018- Jaou Tunis, Water Pressure Pavilion , Group show, Tunis, Tunis
2017- Sphera Exhibition, Group show, Beirut, Lebanon
2016- 87 Artistes Pour Le Peuple Kurde, Group show, Paris, France
2015- Bright Cities, Loom Gallery, Group show, Milan, Italy
2015- RED Studios Residency show, Group show, Sao Paolo, Brazil
2014- Numinous- ISTANBUL'74 gallery, Group show, Istanbul, Turkey
2013- Do You See What I see- Cuadro Fine Art Gallery, Group Show, Dubai, UAE
2013- Action at a Distance- Bursa Photo Fest, Group Show, Bursa, Turkey
2013- Les Saisons Arabes- Group Show, Institut Du Monde Arabe, Paris, France
2012- White Noise- Solo Show, Ductac gallery, United Emirates, Dubai.
2011- Roaming Images- Thessaloniki Biennale, Group Show, Thessaloniki, Greece
2011- BeyROUTE- Group Show, Beirut, Lebanon
2011- Wet Socks - DIY solo exhibition, Beirut, Lebanon
2011- Thesis Exhibition – Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, USA
2010- Weird it up - Group Show, Chicago, USA
2009- Aseer taza - Group show, Beirut, Lebanon
2009- Peace Be upon You - Group show, Torino, Italy
2009- Beirut Live - Group show, London, England
2009- Rochane Gallery - Group show, Beirut, Lebanon
2008- “IN | FINITE” - Takt Kunstprojectraum residency show, Berlin, Germany
2008- La Semaine de la Photo - Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, Beirut, Lebanon


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The Real Prince - Published by Oodee

A Palm Tree Bows To The Moon with Kaph Books

All works and content © Ayla Hibri 2019