These photographs are about a special breed of knights, cowboys, and warriors.

Around dusty roads of Old Sana'a (Yemen) to the summits of Kwakaban and the ports of Mocha, a subculture of steel-horse riders thrives.
All rebels with no cause, they ride as rule breakers, carefree troublemakers. When they aren’t driving, they congregate to linger, loiter and chew qat. They await nothing.

Are these motorcycles a means of transportation, only a means to an end or do they fulfill the desire to take part of a community of men? And proud men for that matter-

These photographs stop on this special bond, a partnership between the man and an extension of himself. They have personalized their rides and sought individuality amongst their own. A ride but also a friend, each one adorned with fabrics, ropes, nets and fringes, each improved.

Published by Oodee